I lower myself

My anger, a beast, a demolisher,

will entangle you, make you tremble,

you requested it, I give it,

you thought you were above it,

you cant even face it.

My anger is last, he comes out when ripped out.

You challenge me, you lose.

where are the soul guards? do you call it karma?

why is justice always delayed ?

serve it now, get it over with already.

a gentle person, my true nature,

you bought out the darkest side of me.

that is all you can identify with in me,

darkness is your language,

to communicate with you, I lower myself,

because you don’t speak light.

did you get your fix?

you feed off of sorrow, especially mine.

you devour people’s happiness.

You are the destruction of my progress.

to hate your own daughter is your demon.

don’t bring it to me, I reside with the light.



Twin soul

A dedication to twin hearts … 

Love within ,

Love without ,

You can feel it’s real,

Without a doubt.

Lift you though ,

And lift you high,

Of darkness within ,

Right into the sky.
The heaven beholds,

Your soul is in awe,

It’s found it’s half ,

It’s deep in its core .
Electric connections ,

Sparks a flame,

It’s hit you right now ,

Life won’t be the same.
Love is pure ,

It shows it’s power,

Of creation and living ,

In every star , every flower.
Flesh and love ,

Love and flesh ,

In and out ,

My soul undress .

Make me pure,

Heal my heart ,

For so many lives ,

We’ve lived apart .
My flame my half,

My only one,

I am your moon ,

And you are my sun. 

Letter To My Future Self


I have recently come across a website that allows a person to write a letter to their future self, and then to have it emailed to them at any preferred date. It could be a year, 2,3, 5 years.  When I came across this I was instantly touched. I felt a sense of love to the thought of communicating to our future selves.

I began to think what I would send to myself, I felt slightly toned down as I wasn’t sure what I would even say. Especially as this is a confusing time for me. I then closed the tab and thought I would get back to it when I had something to say. I guess what I could mostly write was the hope I had for myself to be able to get out of this horrid mess I find myself in. To make sure I got myself on my feet. To wish myself all the things I think I need and want. It is an interesting idea. We can set or assess our goals and work toward them as to not let our future self down when we read through the letter. it encourages us to connect to ourselves  within and reach out at what we hope for ourselves and realise what we want to tell ourselves. I suggest to send ourselves some love as we often are very hard on ourselves and tend to think we are unlovable. But that is not the truth as we are made from God’s love, therefore we are love. We just need to realise it so we can live it. I mean not just knowing but truly believing it.

link – https://www.futureme.org/



Happy new year 

Happy new year everyone, I can’t say 2017 has been the best year but I know the endurance of it will make me strong as steel for 2018. I hope we can all have a better year this time around. I pray for blessings and most of all clarity and answers. That is what I want most of all ; clarity and answers. I pray your 2018 is spectacular and very rewarding. Let’s do this ❤️ charge through people ! 

Heart and intuition disabled? Is freedom an illusion?

I am starting to grow weary of the same old advice. “the answers are within” or “listen to your heart”. The problem with those who ask for help and those who receive that advice is that those who seek guidance of that sort have already ignored their heart so much that they are not able to recognise the voices heart over logic and circumstance. Our hearts voice is covered by fear, pain, programming and loneliness. No one has the answers so they advise us to listen to our heart. How does one do that after much neglect to our deep feelings. Feeling out of reality from those big crossroads of decisions that we avoid making and we feel unprepared so panic sets in. Follow your heart, follow your intuition they say, heck some even say follow logic. After much suffering we don’t know which voice is which anymore.  It’s logic verses pain.  Delaying decisions causes agony and not knowing causes just the same. I mean give it a break can’t we just get help when all parts of decision making are shut down? Maybe being alone is best , no heart wrenching decisions, no one affected besides yourself. Maybe being alone you don’t have to worry about being understood and feeling let down when we aren’t understood.

Where the heck did my compass and internal navigation go huh? cmon I need it back. I try to hide but there’s no such place that deep to hide it all…I tell you one thing, a heart this deep can only be overlooked by the weak and hollow….is freedom an illusion ?

Lorna Byrne – The woman who talks to angels



Lorna Byrne , a woman from Ireland who proclaims she has the ability to see angels and that we ourselves have our own personal guardian angel. Every person of every faith, race , regardless of whether you believe in a God or not. Historically angels appear throughout every religion and faith as messengers, helpers and guides. For thousands of years, humans have looked up to and requested the help of angels to assist in miracles and everyday life. We tend to think of them as loving, strong, and pure beings, God’s helpers to assist his creation. Lorna Byrne claims that she has been seeing angels since she was born. As a child she did not understand that they were only visible to her and that she thought they were part of her family. Lorna Byrne was diagnosed with severe dyslexia , leaving her with basically barely any skills of reading and writing, which as a child this diagnosis was not recognised, and she was labelled as “slow and retarded”. For this reason her angels have told her from a young age to not reveal her ability to see angels, But that in the future she would write many books. Regardless of her dyslexia, Lorna Byrne’s first three books had made the top selling list of London. Being well known in Europe within 5 years she has made a big name for herself, providing people with hope and love. Her first top selling book is called ‘Angels in my hair’.

She claims that there are angels with all sorts of assignments, such as guardian angels and a group of angels she calls “the unemployed angels” who wander between the heavenly plains and earth just waiting to assist people when requested. She also says these angels can take the form of humans to help them even with little things like helping someone carry a bag, or help a mother with a child.  Do you not find this incredibly beautiful and comforting? I remember a recent time with my 2 year old at the time, single mother, struggling, and his behaviour was very wrestless day in and out. Another day at the mall with his tantrums, crying on the floor. I had reached a point where I was holding back tears of giving up. Am I a failure? I couldn’t get him up with any strategy I took. A young man looked at him and me , approached us and   kneeled beside him, took his hand, and helped him up. He said gently “ c’mon, don’t cry . Listen to your mother, go with her” my son stopped his crying, and looked mystically into his eyes. The kind man with the magic touch wiped his tears away with his hand. My son returned to me and held my hand. The man smiled  and walked away. I felt this was a magical spiritual moment and I felt relieved.  I feel it was a great small example of an unemployed angel. In most cases angels will  intervene when we ask for it, seeing as we have free will, they help at our command. In other cases they intervene when there is danger if our time is not yet up. Lorna Byrne claims to have conversations with archangels such as Michael, and Elijah. You can see in her face and aura that she is filled with calm love and purity of heart. A truly gifted woman who has been through much hardship as a child with all those labels placed on her due to her severe dyslexia, and the loss of her husband in which she anticipated the whole time. As a child the angel Elijah warned her that she would meet a man and marry him, and that he would die early due to health reasons. With all her strength she did meet and marry this man, and sure enough he did pass away. But she was not angry, for she knew how beautiful heaven was.

Lorna Lovingly repeats that we are specs of light from God, and that we never die, just our bodies. That spec of light is a part of God, and we return to him. She sees angels all over the streets and around people. Crowds of them among us This is truly beautiful. This gives us a refreshing and warm perspective. Often times in this harsh reality we can feel plenty alone, but Lorna Byrne says “ you are not alone”.

She is able to physically converse with them, and hear their voices, and see them around everyone. Lorna says that our guardian angel is the gatekeeper to our soul , and is the one angel that can never leave you. She claims that America is special, as it is a nation that brings people of various religions, faith and races into one land, and that they need to work together. That we have to remember that we are all praying to God, but just in different ways, there is no need to fight over God. She finds herself being drawn to America a lot, for it is an important nation for unity. Lorna Byrnes has been seen in many churches, she has prayed in mosques and seen angels all around, she herself is a Roman Catholic. Unity is important, and it doesn’t have to be so harsh in the world. She promotes unity, and gives the gift of hope and love to us all. I truly believe everything Lorna says. Everything she speaks of is beautiful and pure. Unity is very important. I advise you to watch this documentary if it sparks an interest.

Basic telepathy- how to send someone a mental message



When we think about communication, we sought to get a message across. In the conscious mind we consider methods of  perceiving communication to come from our physical senses; sight, and sound. Processes of directing communication to another include speaking and physical gestures. But what if there were more ways to communicate than just through a standard conscious way? We all carry our own personal energy fields that emit certain frequencies. In the same way we have conversations with the universe when we send out certain frequencies, be it a lower frequency which will pull along a string of negative events, or be it a higher frequency where we receive many blessings and joy. The universe is responding to your message. Send out positive vibes even when you feel stuck in certain situations, as you have the power to remove yourself from them. Considering this ,we can possibly agree that we can also perceive communication by feeling and mental imagery, and direct our energy as thought and feeling too. Have you ever walked into a room full of people and felt the room change as you enter? You now have altered the rooms energy and affected those around you. Have you ever thought of someone and instantly you receive their phone call or message? You can bet that you have received their energetic call first. How about times when you had someone in your mind and you weren’t even sure why, you have no specific thought on them but they are lingering there and you may even find it frustrating. There is a high chance that that person is thinking about you, whether you are currently talking, not talking or have cut communication with them. Our brains are capable of transmitting energy waves and receiving them, much how a radio works.Which briefly I mention is why we must be conscious of our diets as foods with certain lower frequencies can alter our intuition, energy transmission and our ability to discriminate between received messages. Achieving this is really quite simple, regardless of how complicated the science is of it.

We should be comfortable with the process of grounding ourselves first to keep us level headed. This way we can better deal with life situations and remain positive and in control of our thoughts. Focus on your breathing and get a comfortable flow going. Many of us like to visualize  of beautiful lights enveloping us. Such as a bright white light, with layers of many others such as violet, green, orange and red. The many layers of psychic protection Picture that person in your mind, and always keep it positive. There are various ways to connect .Visualize connecting with them, an example may be picturing them in front of of you and have their mind connected by an electric string directly   onto yours.  Or could modernize it by visualizing them in front of you and having your phones connected by that electric string. You could also create an energy field by visualizing whilst simultaneously rubbing your palms together for maybe 10-15 seconds and draw your hands apart and closer almost like creating a pulse of energy and keep bringing the pulses shorter until you feel the resistance between your palms and you can speak through it. Personalize your method as you please. In your mind ask them permission to connect with them and hear for their answers through thought or feeling. If you feel to proceed then communicate your message through your mind, you may wish to speak it out loud. After this feel a response or wait for a physical one. Remember they have their free will , they may respond mentally or choose not to reply through technology for various reasons. Thank the process and let it go.

Many people dismiss these methods due to their unrealistic experiments such as testing it out with a friend and saying some absurdly difficult phrase and expect the other to receive it and interpret. Remember that this level of telepathy requires an extremely high level of intuition. Lets keep it within realistic parameters until we evolve.

Distorting their aim


Entering wars, and skipping out.

Times of certainty and times of doubt.

Looking up and looking back.

Feeling full and feeling lack.


Systems go and system down.

Launching up then hitting grounds.

Planning moves, approaching delays.

Search around, running a maze



Back and forth, left and right

Upside down, is there a light?

Hands on head, can you keep it together?

Life is a storm, can we control the weather?



Feeling weary, wanting more.

we’re all warriors at our very core.

Dodging stones, watch your back.

With no hesitation, they’ll watch you crack.


Endurance then falling, down and up.

Away you go, refill your cup.

Picking up speed, zooming right through.

Eventually they will stop looking for you.



Distort their aim, swivel left and right.

Get them disoriented, a real mental fight.

Get to the checkpoint, you’ve made it this far.

You’re made of the same substance of a galactic star.






Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I continue to wait and see if there’s more,

I’m waiting for nothing,

I’m weak from this war.


When your own flesh and blood wants to see your heart stop

you keep to yourself ,

before the ball drops.


Thinking in silence and thinking out loud,

you’re desperate for power,

does that make you proud?


Watching around me and watching right through

you live to destroy ,

is it working for you?


But I certainly see you seem to get mad,

when I announce my self love,

it burns you so bad.


You loath that I have something that you really  don’t,

I have self respect,

but break this you wont.


It makes my heart sick that you endeavour to break,

all the innocent souls ,

for your own f*****g sake!


Get the hell out, I wont waste anymore,

of my energy, my tears,

I am closing the door.



your regret of my birth has caused you decay,

but that’s not my problem,

you made it this way 😉