why does it have to be this way???

Why in this world and reality is it made that we have to suffer? Every person on the planet is suffering and going through problems on a daily basis. Who put us here and why does it have to be this way!! Feeling very frustrated because I know that the rest of life is always a struggle and it probably isn’t gonna stop because that’s life.Β  I mean does it always have to be like this, what design is this?! It’s like the moment you get relief it’s onto the next thing. I’m just questioning why. What kind of matrix is this? Β #rant #TimeOutPlease


12 thoughts on “why does it have to be this way???

  1. I hear you. I sometimes think that the pain I have experienced has made me more compassionate than I would otherwise have been. Big price to pay. I couldn’t come back here to go through it all again. I have been through a lot in this life

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  2. I hear you. I guess I was very close with my brother and I have missed him every day since he was killed 22 years ago. I mean he is still around in a way and I still have him in my heart. I have grown with him… I have been through a lot of physical pain too. Taken some injuries and been on the end of some savage treatment. The body is our vehicle for experiencing life. Wr need one to come here. I have had some big injuries and visits to emergency. I wonder why sometimes. All I can adhere to is doing the right thing and spending time to consult with a god of my own understanding. Even if there is no ‘God’ I prefer to try and work out what the right path is and how to cause least harm. Self sacrifice is important I have found… and honoring our parents. Our society does not respect and protect mother energy enough. I have heard mothers screaming too many times when their kids have been killed… and then socially they aren’t fun for nice society anymore. Compassion is about all I will ever learn.

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