What do I see? Part 2

A second observation 

I was on the train again. I happen to see the same couple  again as my previous blog a week ago. What a coincidence. They were talking in what I assume is mandarin. They are smiling and seem to have a pleasant conversation, he pulls her close and she lays her head on his shoulder. He breathed in the smell of her hair. They look peaceful,  and she kisses him on the cheek. meanwhile one lady is playing her music out loud which I’m certain is Hindi. People are looking around at who is playing it so they can know who to give their bothered look to. She seems to not care if it’s bothering others. Someone has competed with her and put on Italian opera. She turns her music off and the man continues with his music. The couple get off. I then make my way toward the door to be ready for the next stop. I see the man with the music and he looks quite rough and tough. With a twist of irony listening to classical opera music. He was alone on the exit/entry section. I step down and he looks at me. His energy was slightly uncomfortable for me, but I liked the music.


Archangel Michael




Channelled message of Archangel Michael



I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13



To he who seek the abundant  truth shall recognise the potential in seeking inward. Be him who stands in his truth of divine enrichment of the ages. Be he  who shall pass the stream of prosperity in awe of it’s beauty. Life may not be a walk in the park, but you can walk just the same. Knowing each step and the effect of it’s movement in mindfulness  will bare  direction on  your journey. May you seek the eternal  light  and watch for your natural inborn compass. Feel your way. He who has a righteous  heart will know  the truth. Find it in your self realisation of your self perceived value as an infinite being of light. Make known the path to serenity and demand your way though. Make known your presence and declare your right of way. You are not alone. Suffering is the pain of growing inward , and you shall grow. Be of love , and darkness won’t harm you. Call upon the Archangel Michael for protection. Each day the sun rises, and in this you should know the natural world has order and there are things that you can always count on. Everything functions as it should in it’s  divine nature, you just need to  worry about your chosen  actions and their effects.

What do I see?



Sitting on the train across from other individuals. I notice a woman staring at me. I catch her glance and she turns away, another 3 times again so I decide not to look anymore . Another woman next to her watching my face , what might she be seeing?  I look back and she moved her eyes, only to look back again multiple times. She leans to the plastic frame beside her  and closes her eyes , surely thinking a lot but trying to rest. People are curious beings.  A woman next to me with a twitch, twiddling her thumbs waiting for her stop whilst her husband or companion is also resting. 

Outside the sky is blue and the sun is shining like gold. It brings me comfort. A woman with her pram gets off and a man helps her pull the pram out. We may be a world of fear and love together but we have the support in the little places. For all the rest we have to work hard. The man next to me has a watch, the glare of light  caught my eye, it reads 11:45. A couple get on, they are holding hands. They proceed to take a selfie and she laughs so they take another,  another, and another.. She directs his face and pose. He seems light hearted. Every attempt she laughs but she is glowing. She likes this man. She rests her head on his shoulder and as I look up I catch her glance watching me. They are playing hand games of another culture, I think Chinese. She’s laughing. In a relationship it’s the little moments that account for them all. They get off and I sit watching the blue sky till I get off.  I stop for coffee in the city. The Sun is shining on me. This is one of my favourite things, coffee under the sun. Small moments of paradise between the harsh realities we live through. It’s a recharge. The bell is ringing at the church next to me, it gives me a sense of comfort. Feeling joy I go about the day smiling.

why does it have to be this way???

Why in this world and reality is it made that we have to suffer? Every person on the planet is suffering and going through problems on a daily basis. Who put us here and why does it have to be this way!! Feeling very frustrated because I know that the rest of life is always a struggle and it probably isn’t gonna stop because that’s life.  I mean does it always have to be like this, what design is this?! It’s like the moment you get relief it’s onto the next thing. I’m just questioning why. What kind of matrix is this?  #rant #TimeOutPlease