Seeing Grey clouds? what lies behind them?

The morning arrives, and you slowly open your eyes. You instantly and instinctively take a quick scan of your reality to see if it was just a dream or are you really waking upto the nightmare you call your life. Instant disappointment when you realise you have to do it all again another time. Enveloped in the anxiety of the routine of negativity. This all in a split second. imagine how many more seconds are left in the day. The heaviness on your shoulders, it’s like a grey cloud surrounding you.


This is how many of us are waking up, in the midst of a storm of chaos. Heaviness and lost hearts. Just because it feels so heavy does not mean there are so many layers. If you realise that this is just one layer of darkness!  What if you took a closer look at what seems so skin tight to your life? It’s as if you look out your window from a distance and you can only see on the dependence of what you allow yourself to see. What if you got closer to the window and prodded your head out there a little. You would have a much larger and insightful perspective on what you see. again, seeing only what you allow yourself to see.

How do we look beyond the dark layer? Turn on the light! How do you do that? Give yourself permission to love yourself a little. THERE IS ALWAYS MORE than what we perceive. For those asking what more is there? There is more. Therefore when you find yourself in the midst of a deep depression , just remember that there is more. Don’t lack the love and  allow yourself to miss out on what else you are entitled to have. Heartbroken? love yourself enough to move on and know there is more and you deserve it. You deserbe it because you made it this far, theres no stopping now, the world will not stop and wait for you. It will keep spinning. Don’t miss out on the rotation. We wish we could have the ability to remote view our life. Well you can. Take a break and  look at your life through a higher perspective, with less harsh eyes. From here you can guide yourself, your higher self. Just look beyond. There is light just beyond that cloud, and the light never hides, the despair fogs up the light. Always there, just remove the veil! 🙂 a  little reminder.