Tarot Card of the Day



Queen of wands – court card




The card pulled today was the queen of wands. This card may be asking us to embody and take on the energies of this fire element queen. The queen of wands is a determined, ambitious and natural leader. She may feel invincible at times when in her element and once she gets the ball rolling she keeps on going. She is a go- getter with an undeniable strength. The card I hold depicts a queen on her thrown holding her wand in power, she holds onto the wand rather loosely as she knows the power that she claims is hers and she will not allow anyone to take away from her in which  she knows is her own earned strength and power. She is bearing in the other hand a beautiful sunflower which is  a symbol of light, positivity and abundance. Sunflowers always search for the light and will physically turn to the sun no matter what direction they face. We too should always look for the light in a situation, and if you don’t see it, rest assured that if you search you will find it. She has green plants surrounding her symbolising the reaping of  benefits from hard work and determination. If you embody this energy, you too will be abundant. The sky is blue showing happy times. A black cat is sitting by her, facing outward  mysteriously, The cat to me , personally symbolises the dark and shadow side of the queen, rather the hardships and low points she endured to get to where she is now. The cat does not face her, it is looking outward with her as to show her won battles and surrender of the darkness to allow her light in The queen of wands is a woman who seeks everything good and bountiful. When she is searching for love, this is a positive card that you have worked up to meeting a new soulmate or companion. Financially this card is abundant and fruitful and you will soon see the result of your hard work. Soulfully when seeking answers this card shows that you will soon reach higher levels in understanding. She is also in good health and is a very fertile woman.  The queen of wands reminds us to keep up the hard work and be determined to reach our goal because success is ours. Embody this energy!