Releasing the Anchor



Prodding and pushing,

I feel my heart rip,

I left it exposed,

now I have nothing to grip.


Community and family,

they say are the base,

they keep you together,

but I cant keep a straight face.


Independence vs support,

I have little of both,

not knowing what is true,

keeps my vision distort.


Behind all the taunting,

what lies beneath?

what are the intentions?

where is the relief?


If light does not surface,

I’ll have to go,

am I just delusional?

how can I know?


Are you for or against me?

do you wish me the best?

do you care how I’m feeling?

I’m rebuking this test!


I’m looking for “clean”,

I’m looking for light,

I’m searching for  peace,

I’m not looking for fights.


My anger is a hypocrite,

I want to let go,

of past hurts and bruises,

that sink me so low.


Release the anchor,

release the past,

no more carrying people,

no more finishing last.







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