Many Trains

Destiny is like a trip, with many stops and starts,

With many red, and green lights,

Speeding through like darts.


Opportunities await me, they seek to pull me in,

I sought to find what’s truly mine,

Lost time pricks like a pin.


Poking me and calling, what will your choice be?

To take this offer or let it go,

Is this truly good for me?


Extensive analysing, where will this take me?

Standing at the station,

But there are many trains I see.


No need to fear,  for many doors are open

No guilt for letting go,

Of what had made you broken.


When they say the train has passed, It doesn’t mean a lack

Of opportunities and chances,

The universe has your back.


Stand tall at your station, and watch the trains come through,

We are forever given life lines,

Green lights with guiding signs too.



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