Card of the day- 22/may/17 – The Hermit

Today I have pulled a tarot card, for a general collective guidance for viewers.



The Hermit ( Major Arcana)


Evidently some heavy energy has been present. The Hermit asks us to find all the answers and sought out clarity inward. Look inside and use your intuition to feel your way through this period. We can make ourselves crazy on trying to make a decision  or gain understanding. Spend some time with yourself where your judgement is  not clouded by others opinions. You have everything you need to find your way through. You may have so many energies directed at you during this time but  stay grounded and connected within. Be aligned with your heart. Seek and act  to align your heart with the  external goals and dreams you have in your life. You may find yourself in a relationship that may be suffocating or intense to the point where you have lost some sense of direction or self, or you at feel like you are trying to please everyone and not looking at your own needs. Retreat and take time to replenish your focus and inner well-being. If you are in a work situation where you are caught In between unethical situations , remove yourself from the negativity and know your intentions. If faced with moral dilemma’s, ground yourself and take a break.  You may find yourself in a state of spiritual searching during this time and as a result may attract certain lessons and people into your life. The Hermit asks you to take some time to process your mind, heart and focus. All in all, take some time alone to replenish. You may feel the need to spend some time alone, this is for a reason. This is a strong pulling energy. We should listen to what we feel, it always indicates a need that requires attention, Whether it’s health wise, or inner- well being.



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