Where do the dreamers reside?

Where on earth do the dreamers reside?

I look out my window , it is the routines that they abide?

Suits and ties, tones of black and grey,

Where do they reside, what do they say?

Scattered expressions and rushed walks,

Is this what they chose when their road was forked?

Where do the dreamers reside?

is it in self made paradises they hide?

I feel a light in my chest, and when I ignore it

I cannot be my best, and don’t seem to fit,

When I ignite it , the vibrancies moves me

Dreams and visions , is that they key?

What is this heaviness on my heart?

when I listen to others , something falls apart,

It cuts my vision of looking ahead,

They tell me to stick to the norms instead,

Keep your feet on this ground , is what they say

You are lucky to live another day,

But I don’t want to waste my days in repetition

Supposedly I need everyone else’s permission,

To take on experiences that humble me so,

Feeling full of experience is how I want to go.

Until I learn to escape from my security ,

My dreams will always be there dangling in front of me